What’s new in Validus!?

Good Job Everybody. The faction is Growing at a very nice pace. We are almost full. That means we will be needing to Vote as to whether we will be upgrading to level 3 faction. There will be a guild meeting starting between 2 and 3 pm PST (5-6pm EST) on May 09/09. Ranked members will be first to join meeting and left over spots will be open to anybody else wanting to join. Any issues or concerns you have will also be discussed. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Also if you are viewing our website but have yet to register. Please do so by making an account with gamestreet and then apply. I will be looking forward to more people signing up. Also picture of our members and screenshots always welcome.
Lastly i’d like to see more people using the vent server that Joe is so kindly letting us use. If you currently don’t have vent. Please go to www.ventrilo.com and download the program.

Port:    4814
Please use your Sanctuary’s IGN(your main that is in our faction) when using ventrilo so that we will know that it is you.


Welcome to Validus HQ

Website is still under construction ;D


Validus is a Faction/Guild in the Sanctuary server of Perfect World International.

This is a Faction made to enjoy playing PWI together and also- its sole purpose to dominate Territory Wars in the near future. We are a mature, skilled and active group of players that just want to have fun. We see our guild as a long term commitment, a place where we build and grow friendships. Each member of the guild is responsible for creating and maintaining an enjoyable guild atmosphere. Whining, harassing people for help, selfishness and childish behavior will not be tolerated.

If you are looking to join our faction, please fill out an application on this website AFTER you have registered at gamestreet.net, then click the “join guild button.” This will prompt you to another page which is the Application page, or feel free to contact one of our guild officers in game.

There is always something going on, whether it be PVP, FB/TT runs, TWs or just having fun in chat… we all have to show our devotion to the game, so get in and get involved!
Keep check for further details and should you have anything interesting to add, please let me or Faramere know, or simply use the forums. ^_^



Guild Update

UPDATE 4/03/09 ~Validus Herald 😛

Congratulations to those who leveled up to 80^^ the pioneers and the leaders of this great faction. Im glad to be a part of this success as well, our fast growing family is now reaching the faction’s lvl1 maximum member seats in which we our going to vote whether we go to a lvl2 faction or stay as a lvl1 faction. Either way, we would still regulate people in the faction who is whining(*cough*BladerKillz*cough*) to get somethings off another fellow member for free unless the person really wants to give the item for free. Harrassing them for free stuff then leaving the guild will result a permanent ban to join the guild ever again.

Level 80 club:

Who wil be the next to join these ranks?

We encourage our fellow guildmates to participate in boss runs in order to help other lower level members that we have and also, i’ll start adveritising Validus-Exclusive FB runs in world chat when i get some of my other stuff be sold in the auction house :S And i would also want to ask if theres any of you guys who wants to do this kind of weekly update just PM me in-game.

“Sry bout d grammar n everythin’, its already past 4am here(i cant think str8) n i hav classes tomorrow..err l8r i mean.”
~Arc 😀 updated bye Faramere OWNAGE:P (and then updated by Arc 4/14/09)