History of Online Games and Best Free Games You Must Try

Everything You Need to Know About Online Games

New games online have become a sensation because you can join and have fun from anywhere. All that you require is a gaming computer, internet, and some free time to play new games online. Here is everything that you need to know about online games.

History of Online Games

While gaming today is as simple as signing up to a gaming site on a phone and starting to play right away, things were pretty different, and difficult in the beginning! Prior to dedicated matchmaking APIs, everything had to be set manually in order to play interactive games. For example, you had to ensure that your OS had the protocols properly configured and made calls to your friends to contend with their dial-up internet. Besides, driver issues and hardware incompatibility made it very difficult for many people to game online.

By the late 1990s, companies such as GameSpy and Mplayer were formed to simplify how people played new games online. The two brands were focused on expanding how players would remotely connect and play games. Soon after, they started offering other online services for the gaming niche.

In 1998, SegaSoft started Heat.net that worked very hard to progressively add new features such as competitive gaming leagues. Though it closed down in 2000, Heat.net is considered the pioneer of the competitive gaming industry.


Multiplayer Skyrocketed the Popularity of Online Games

Initially, online games were small solo games. However, everything changed when the multiplayer option that allowed many people to play the same game online was introduced. Since then, the popularity of games on the internet has skyrocketed.

Today, whether you want to play new games online for fun or real money, it is simple and direct. This has been made simpler by online casinos. To play against opponents at the local or global level, you simply open an account in a legal casino.

Free Online Games You Must Try

If you are new to new games online, it is advisable to start with the free ones. They are fun to play and allow you to practice before starting to gamble with actual cash. Here are the top free options that you should try today:

  • Retro internet games: These are classic games that players fancied playing before the 2005. Some of the top options that you can play free include Ball Pool, Minecraft, and Road Rash.

  • Racing games: These games require the player to compete against opponents on specified tracks or courses. Top free race internet games include Happy Wheels, Uphill Rush, and Rally Point.

  • Arcade: These are action video games that feature little or no puzzle-solving skills. Instead, they rely on the user’s reflexes. Good examples of free arcade games include Star odyssey, Line Color, and Mr. Blast.

  • Casino Games: These are games played in casinos either against opponents or the dealer. Some great casino games include video poker, blackjack games, slot games, and roulette games. Note that you can play these games for free in online casinos by taking advantage of casino bonus.When you register for a gambling account in an online casino, you get a no deposit casino bonus that allows you to play for free and win real money.

  • Interactive games: These games are ideal for helping groups to have fun, know each other, and develop stronger relationships. Some great options include Clumps and Ro Sham Bo.

  • Strategy games: These are games that require you to craft a unique strategy in order to win against your opponents. Some good examples include Civilization and StarCraft.


Esports (electronic sports) are among the new online games that have become very popular today. They are products of new Multiplayer Online Games, and take the form of multiplayer video game competitions between professional players, teams and individuals.

Electronic sport games have become the new trend with players working harder and bettors taking every opportunity to make money. For example, the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2017 had 46 million online viewers. Approximately 45% of adult in China watched esports new online games in 2017. The high popularity of electronic sports also stems from the fact that gamers can win prizes in millions. Some common electronic sports include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.



If you fancy new games online, it is important to appreciate that they have a deep history. Indeed, some of the new internet games are based on retro ones that were developed in the 60s and 70s. But things have changed so much that unlike in the past, playing online games today will only require a few minutes. Impressive!

Another good thing is that games played in online casinos such as Slots Games, Video Poker, Blackjack Games, and Roulette Games are very diverse. The internet casinos also have multiple casino bonuses that allow you to play for free. Simply pick a legal casino with great offers and start playing for free and win real money.