Welcome To Your New Guild Site!

Thank you for choosing GameStreet as the new home for your guild. Lets get you started with an introduction to our guild hosting system.

Designing Your Site

Use the “Site Designer” red link at the top right of this page to load the guild site designer. This link will appear if you are setup with permissions to design this site. The designer allow you to modify almost any aspect of the content and look of your guild site. Here is a breif summary of some of the things you can do in the designer:

  • Change navigation location of your entire site or change the column layout of each individual page. This is done by hovering over the “Layout” or “Navigation” icons at the very top of the page and choosing the option you want. The change is applied immediately so you can see how it looks.
  • Add new pages, edit page titles and/or navigation images, reorder pages, or delete the current pages in the “Manage Pages” section of the top bar.
  • Add new widgets to the current page using the “Add Content” section of the top bar. Simply choose a widget, which column to add it to, where in that column to insert it, and give it a title.
  • Choose a theme for your guild site using any of our stock themes in the “Themes” section of the top bar. You can also modify any theme you have chosen by using the style editor by clicking the “Styles” button below the theme dropdown. If you web-saavy you can use custom CSS for even more control over the look of your site using the “Custom” button below the theme dropdown.
  • Change the page width, or change the width of any column on the page using the [Edit] link in the black column layout section just above the widgets area of this page.
  • Use drag-and-drop to move widgets around your page. You can move widgets to any column by clicking and dragging the title bar of each widget.
  • Hover over the down arrow to view each widget’s actions menu. From this menu you can edit the title of each widget or remove the widget from the page all together.
  • You can also upload custom header/footer images using the “Edit” link to the top right side of the header and footer areas. You can also put a custom message or HTML in the footer text area below the footer image area.

Editing Content

Almost every widget on your guild site has a “Settings” button below it. This will show the settings dialog that will allow you to change settings or content specific to each type of widget. These buttons are only visible to guild members with permissions to edit them.

Inviting Members

You can invite members to your guild in one of two ways. First, go to the “Guild Members -> Invite Members” section of your guild admin page. You can get there using the “Manage Guild” link at the top of the page. You can invite existing members by searching for them by name, nickname or email. This will send them an internal invitation they can accept. The second option is to invite others by email if they are not already members of GameStreet. Simply enter their emails in the “Non Members” tab and they will be sent an email with instructions how to sign up and join the guild.

Accepting Applications

Members who apply to your guild can be prompted to fill out an application with questions you require them to answer. You can setup this application through the “Guild Members -> Manage Application” section of your guild admin page. When new applicants fill out this form, guild leaders will be notified and the application will be available to all guild members to view and discuss in the “Guild Members -> Pending Applicants” section of the guild admin page.

Setting Up Security

GameStreet uses a role-based security system for guild members. You can setup any number of different types of roles for any purpose you choose and configure each role to have any of the dozens of permissions that are either general guild permissions, or specific to each individual widget. When new members join the guild, they are automatically assigned to the role that you designate as the “default” role. Generally, this role starts with the lowest privaleges.