Welcome To Guild

CTRAD is a mining and industrial oriented corporation and enjoys most pve aspects of the game. Although we do not run incursions, we do run missions when possible. Fleets for both mining and missions are common and we strive to increase standings as a whole  through out the nearby systems.

The main goal of CTRAD is to have fun and progress while doing so. We aim to build more skills in mining and industrial fields while going out and running some missions for fun and standings.  Make money, Have fun. We do primarily mining and industrial related activities, mining ops, manufacturing projects, and yes mission running as salvaging and  standing can be very beneficial to many aspects of our corporation.

We offer guidance to new players and many ways to turn your ore into a profit, we have members working on perfecting refinement skills as well as researching and manufacturing skills. We also have members working on skill sets to benefit the whole of corp (Orca piloting, refining skills, probe scanning skills, manufacture/research skills, these being easily done for other members in the corp). Mining and Industry fields do seem to be a fairly straight forward aspects of the game, and we approach it as such- mine the most, refine the best, research the fastest, produce at the best cost, sell at a good price. As we all endeavor to train to the best in some or a few aspects of these fields our coordination, cooperation and helpfulness to each other are what will bring out the best in CTRAD.

We aim to keep the member list short, and full of active players.
All members are required to be focused on mining and industry skills(though pve/pvp skills should not be tossed out the window entirely)
All members require a positive standing with Caldari State faction.
All members must have active accounts(no trial accounts)

We are currently recruiting in small numbers, interview required.
If you wish to join, you can submit an application to the guild on this site so that the process is streamlined for us. Just provide the information, and we will contact you in-game.

Recruitment channel in game can be searched for: Clear Thought

Fly safe, as they say.