About GameStreet

If MySpace, Thottbott, and GuildPortal had a child, it would be GameStreet. Gamestreet is a combination of a social networking site, a guild hosting portal, and a gaming information site. GameStreet is not a groundbreaking website, but more an evolution of these 3 genres of websites. Gamestreet aims to bring together the social networking features of many popular website such as MySpace, Friendster, and ProfileHeaven, then adds guild hosting features similar to GuildPortal, then completes the picture by adding a user-submitted repository of game information like Thottbott and Allakhazaam – and wraps it up in one neat little integrated package.

We also introduce a relatively new feature – character profile pages. Most of the major online RPG games have their own websites that allow members to see their character’s in-game profiles, and we take that feature and allow you to create a customizable profile that you can add things to. Then we connect it with all of your in-game information (Stats, equipment, skills, etc…) and update it for you on a regular interval. No other site offers this. This feature is available for many of the popular MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft and Everquest I/II, but we plan to support almost all of the popular online character-building games.

Who built GameStreet?

GameStreet is the realization of a vision by veteran software engineer Jason Rodman. The GameStreet project is a monumental development undertaking that was designed and built entirely by Jason over a two year period starting in 2005. Jason’s previous projects included the popular music hosting sites AudioStreet.net and MixStreet.net which were recently sold to CKrush enterainment. This freed up Jason to focus his time and efforts entirely on GameStreet.

Jason is not what you would call a “hardcore” gamer, but enough of a gamer to have a passion for creating a website dedicated to bringing gamers together in a variety of ways. Give GameStreet a try and see for yourself.