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Sierra Vista, AZ
"Just off the boat want to buy some banana's?"
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~ Airen Mebo ~
Let's see I have been playing MMO's since I programmed my first Multi-User Dungeon way back when. From there I started by playing Everquest and became friends with some pretty cool folks who worked with me or just through game time.

During that time, I was the guild leader of a guild of 193 people called Beyond the Shadows we adventured through Norrath until we moved to EQII

EQII brought the same group of folks for the most part, we of course found new friends and started another guild this time called Spirits of Confusion. EQII though really evolved into something I was not about, hard core raiding. I despised the fact that the good content was only available for those who played 10-18 hours per day. So I took off in search of greener pastures and found Age of Conan. AOC was pretty nicely done, but fell on hard times with expansions of WoW and EQII and other games being released. When my core group of friends either returned to EQII or went out on their own I left AOC and started looking for some Free to Play (F2P). I tried DND online, LOTRO, and then my grandson said hey you should try GW's. So I did buying the first game and an expansion I made it to level 20 fairly easy. I started a guild with my Grandson, and a friend from EQ days (who got banned for buying gold).

I left GW for awhile because it was boring logging into this beautiful guild hall fully stocked and no one online to adventure with. I was out running around somewhere and asked for help and Athene came to help me out. What I didn't know was that she actually taught me so much of the game that I had missed. It was a good fit to come to LoS, as she was helpful and friendly and said they had a family guild.

So I packed my napsack and moved to the LoS guild hall where I was greeted by the likes of Carnage, DL and this weird kid named Juan (stay away from him if you happen to see him online, he is possessed by an evil elf who will run you around the world without pausing for a drink of water) :) See Juan your FAMOUS NOW!!!!!

LoS understood my Real LIfe situation and has never complained that I am not there as much as I should be. They are a true family and stick together thick and thin. Athene does a great job of leading us, she is kind, well educated in the GW saga and I would follow her, Gee, DL to the end of the world.

Now a bit about myself, I am married have a bunch of kids one mine and some from my wife's previous marriage, we now have 4 grandkids and one on the way (the first girl). I love MMO's and the friendship it brings. I often use the game to escape a bad day at work or to celebrate a good one. I have a few medical issues that I am not afraid to discuss and often do to help me cope. My sharing of my personal life is so that you might understand why I take long off times, or leave suddenly.

Anyway, I have finished only one of the campaigns I do not own my end of game armor YET but that is a goal before GW2 launches and I leave in search of the next new bestes MMO.

Oh and I am the Officer of Fun and Excitement... Trust me, I am full of it!


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Posted Sep 30, 2010 @ 9:24PM
i cannot tell u how much i luv ur avatar airen. you hit the nail right on the nose.

Posted May 13, 2010 @ 3:53PM
Sweet job on the forums bro! Keep up the good work! (cliché) 
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