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Posted Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:54 PM

Activision Investor Call and the Call of Duty Series

Today Acitivion's 4th Quarter and Year End investor conference call took place today, Feb 10th 2010, with a mention of Call of Duty's future.

The summary of Acitivison's Investor Call hints at Call of Duty 7 appearing in 2010.
In calendar year 2010, we expect our net earnings and operating margin growth will be driven by our product slate that includes [...] as well as a diversified lineup based on Activision Publishing's best-selling franchises including Call of Duty...
Rudedog was listening in and heard them hint that the new Call of Duty could show up during the Holiday Season (Nov-Dec).

I started to listen in and the first question I heard was about the leapfrog with IW and TreyArch and the possibility of bringing in another studio -- A summary of their responce: Strategy to annualize the franchise continuing, 2 year developmental period, more developmental ideas, and a mention of subscription based service. They skipped the bit about another studio.

Yes they did mention the success of subscription based service and from what it sounded like, they want to integrate a subscription based service into the Call of Duty franchise. Personally I find this disturbing, but I also realise that the odds are the subscription based Call of Duty's will come out of Infinity Ward rather than both IW and TreyArch together.

So what we have: A new Call of Duty in the Holiday Season of this year. Continuation of the leapfrog with IW and TreyArch and the two year development cycle. Possibility of bringing in a subscription based service to Call of Duty, or a game style to utilize this.

When the full recording is up later, I will listen to it and see if there was anything more.

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