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Posted Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:40 AM

Week 24 Rankings are Up!

Guild Rankings Are Up!

We're continuing to show the weekly renown rankings from CROM, the biggest PVE General server in AOC and provide a brief commentary on the guilds' progress/regress. You can also check numerical stats for current week globally at the official AOC Online Guild Rankings site,

Weekly Summary

The summer is in full swing now and the hotter it gets the less inclination there is to be super competitive in AOC, it seems. Last week saw the incredible drop in Totals numbers, and a relatively unmitigated march to no.1 from the Unforgiven. Previous top 3 guilds have all been down by at least 1, with the exception of Carnage who were able to pick up the Artistry flag amidst the slowing down server activity, and BoB who managed to regain one spot in Valor but still lost to the Unforgiven in the Totals.

Numbers this week are pretty odd. The scores were dropping left and right except Valor, but the competition in Totals seemed to be very balanced with top 3 sharing not only the podium but also the numbers themselves - 33 million each, the top guilds (at Sunday's counting) only differed by minute amounts. Valor scores did increase somewhat promising a return to the basics (i.e. raiding, doing instances, grinding factions) on the server. With Komodo guild disbanded/gone, the situation on the server might be unstable for a few weeks as previous Komodo members find their new homes in other guilds.

See the details and screenshots below!

Total Renown rankings for week 24, CROM EU, July 11 - July 17, 2010

VALOR, ARTISTRY and GLORY Renown rankings for Week 24, CROM EU, July 11 - July 17, 2010

Rankings summary:
  • The Unforgiven (381 - 67 less!) - 33.8 million points (up by 3 and this week's winner!)

  • Band of Brothers (567 members - 12 more) - 33.3 million points (6.4 million less - you're slowing down, guys! Dropped by 1.)

  • AmbrosiA (700 members - 16 less) - 33.0 million points (3.3 million less, down by 1.)

  • Tainted Souls (501 members - 9 less) - 19.1 million points (almost exactly the same score as last week, steady no.1 PVE on the server.)

  • Band Of Brothers (567 members - 12 more) - 18.0 million points (2 million higher and up by 1.)

  • {EzO} Circle of Eternity (362 members - 5 more) - 17.0 million points (1.2 million more but lost out to BoB dropping by 1.)

  • The Unforgiven (381 members - 67 less!) - 21.1 million points (1.9 million more and finally able to oust Predator from no.1 spot.)

  • Predator (170 members - 19 more) - 18.3 million points (3.8 million less, drop by 1)

  • Tainted Souls (501 - 9 less) - 5.7 million points (2.6 million less but holding still at 3.)

  • Carnage (505 members - 24 more) - 21.2 million points (6.1 million more and thanks to that finally no.1 in Crafting after weeks at 3rd spot!)

  • AmbrosiA (700 members - 16 less) - 21.1 million points (3.4 million less, no change.)

  • Band of Brothers (567 members - 12 more) - 14.7 million points (almost 10 million points less and that's what caused them to lose no.1 in Totals!)

This week's Winners:
The biggest winner this week (as of Sunday's counting) was the Unforgiven, a usually PvP/PvR&T guild. They managed to rise not only due to Glory score, however, as they managed to rise somewhat in Valor (almost breaking into the top 3) and have a minute presence in Artistry. Their win is not only the result of them increasing their overall score, however. This week top guilds had a slower pace than usual, resulting in all top 3 Totals being separated by mere thousands of points. This means that should top guilds regain their footing and find some time to do somewhat more of PVE and crafting, the situation among the top 3 might change.
Another winner this week is Carnage - a guild that seemed to be deadlocked at no.3 in crafting finally managed to get there to the top, with a higher score than last week.

This week's Runners-up:
There were no significant runners-up this week. {EzO} managed to rise by 3 in Glory, but fell by 1 in Valor. Destiny gained 5 in Valor, but failed to reach above no.10 in other rankings. Auditor Fortunata Juvat seemed to get a high increase (+9) in Totals, owing to their increase in Artistry (+5) and held no.10 at Valor, but still lost momentum in Glory (-2). It's not clear if someone is indeed gearing up for the top 3 - we'll have to wait till Saturday night for that to become a little more obvious.

Check back with AOCVault in a week for new Rankings rundown and commentary, check for the official continuous rankings per server and globally to check how well (or badly) your guild has done in comparison to guilds on other servers!
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