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Posted Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:31 AM

AOC: Monthly Development Summary for Update "Cool Marketing Name Pending"

It's this time of the month again, and before releasing the new GD Monthly letter, Sillirion decided to provide a very concise and informative guide to the upcoming changes in the game. Aside from the previously explained Dreamworld engine changes and T4 raiding, Craig had a real prepared several real treats for social players, PVErs (Pai Kang is now more open for group exploration apparently) and hardcore PVPers out there.

The social or roleplaying guilds can count on new in-guild mechanics, such as storytelling contests or demon hunts. Hardcore PVPers should rejoice at the sound of the new minigame type and map to come - the one that supports 12v12 matches!

The pvp changes are a direct result of the summer survey. They're still not enough to convince many post-Bori ex-PVPers to come back, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. They've also promised to tweak mini-game rewards and progression, possibly tweaking equipment level brackets so that Bori-farmers don't get all the PVP gear.

Endearing additions to the RP aspect of the game are not really that new - at least regarding the rooftop parties and "the ponies". The racing track has been there in AOC since Februarya, and the new NPC changes have been noted by the eagle-eyed Slith quite some time ago. It'll be especially interesting to see the new "demon hunt" and "storytelling competition" features on TL, though.

Check the notes for the upcoming update (with "Cool Marketing Name Pending") below or at the official forums:
Dreamworld Technology Integration
I talked about this at length in the June letter, so won’t go into the details again here, but it is coming, and it helps improve our infrastructure and tools.

New PVP content
Mini-game fans can rejoice, the focus for PVP fans in the update series will be both adding a new mini-game (most likely a 12v12 map). This option came out on top in the summer survey, and as an area that hasn’t really been added to since launch we have decided that this will be the new content addition for 2.1. We will also be taking a look at what tweaks and pokes we can do to improve the progression through mini-games as well.

New Raid content
Tier four raiding will continue as the next set of encounters will be released to the live game. There will definitely be a whole new instance with the next three encounters. There is also a final instance with the last climatic set of encounters for Khitai planned, which is currently in-between updates, so those additional encounters might be part of the 2.1 series, but they may also end up in 2.2. You will though at the very least get the next three tier four encounters in the 2.1 series.

New PVE content
Players will get to explore a little more of the city of Pai Kang itself, as two districts of the imperial capital open up for group exploration.

New Social and Guild content
Lastly but by no means least, we also have some cool smaller additions coming for guild and social play.

Guilds will be treated to some cool new NPCs that allow for having some specific guild social events. This addition will allow you to hold certain new events amongst your guild, like a treasure hunt, a storytelling competition or a demon hunt.

Then we have a new social feature of horse racing. Players will be able to sign up for some new ‘just for fun’ horse races at a track near Old Tarantia, or you might just fancy going along to watch.

The rooftops of Old Tarantia are also now home to an exclusive venue that only most esteemed of guilds can reach, as a little extra fun reward for topping the rankings.
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